Your Life Transitions

Retirement planning:

We utilize The Fruitful RetirementTM process to understand what is important to you, and build a flexible retirement plan. Your plan strives to ensure you can transition from a paycheck to a play check with sustainable income stream during your life.

Loss of a loved one/Inheritance:

We are here during an extremely difficult and emotional time to ensure there is a plan in place to continue on without worry. This includes examining tax planning implications of an inheritance and the proper distribution of the overall estate.

Sale of a business:

We partner with you to make competent decisions through transitions accompanying business sale.

Health/Long term care:

We assess ways to preserve your assets through the creation of a strategy to maintain your independence and provide the best care possible, for as long as possible.

Career changes:

We review your current benefits and analyze your new employer's benefits to provide guidance on what options best suit you. If you are starting a business, you will need guidance on how to best structure these benefits for you and your employees. 


We understand the challenges of combining and/or separating the finances of a family unit. The Fruitful RetirementTM process allows for the creation of a plan for your new vision for your future.

Military and Federal employees:

We understand the unique benefits of those in the military as well as in the federal system, especially when transitioning into retirement.  Whether you have questions regarding your TSP, SGLI, FEGLI, SBP, or pension benefits, we speak your language.