Social Security: A quick background, why the pot is draining, and ways to solve it

The Social Security Act came into effect in 1935.  It was designed to pay retired workers over 65 a continuing income stream.  In 1939 benefits were added for survivors, the retiree’s spouse, and children.  In 1965, disability benefits were added.  It was never intended to be the full incom …

Creating Good Money Habits in Children

By James A. DeGaetano Jr., CPA, CFP®, Founder, CEO, and Wealth Advisor. Sadly, we do not have a national financial literacy curriculum in our high schools. Nor does attending college guarantee exposure to financial literacy education, unless one chooses to study accounting or finance.

A Letter to Your Parents as They Retire

Dear Mom and Dad, There is no branch that bears fruit by itself. I feel fortunate to have been raised by parents that were supportive of my endeavors and always provided a framework in life to learn. I’m truly grateful for your love during the ups and downs of life and hope to ‘pay it …

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